The first home farming device!

Fibonacci home agrofarm - exclusive solution for growing natural and fresh salads, vegetables and berries.


How it works

Remote control

Manage your agrofarm remotely using tablet and phone on iOS or Android


For growing healthy and tasty cultures has been invented Special illumination with suitable light spectra

Natural fertilizers

We derive nutrient materials for plants from natural minerals.

Aqua system

During whole process of growing – from sowing till fructification, enriched with nutrients water is circulating through the system


Treat your family and friends with strawberry, for which you won’t be ashamed. With Fibonacci minifarms ripe and juicy berries will be always on your table!

You have options

Learn which agrofarm is suitable for you – just choose the number of your family members.

Consume healthy food during whole year, save money,
expand your circle of acquaintance and enjoy your favorite thing
using home agrofarm «Fibonacci».
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