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Agrofarm AG-4

up to 1 kg (2.2 lbs.) per month
1.11 x 0.52 x 0.45 meters

up to 12 kg
(26 lbs.) per year
up to 14 kg
(30 lbs.) per year
up to 94 leafs
per year
$2050 Buy



AG4 – is the smallest of agrofarms models, produced by Fibonacci. There are only 4 planting cells (one module). It’s a minimal set for novice home agronomists, those who just want to engage home farming. AG 4 is an excellent present for relatives and friends.


Rainbow Spectrum™ Innovative LED Installation

Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis, but they use only part of light spectrum: red and blue out of all seven. RAINBOW 2Ray is innovation led installation creating light spectrum for fast and proper growth. LED lamps used in RAINBOW 2Ray work longer and consume less energy than regular lamps.

Leonardo 3DShape™ Aerodynamic shaped aluminium case

Technologically advanced innovative case made of 8-ply composite aluminum. It is sealed and creates a perfect natural oasis

EcoSphere Module&Drop™ Modular system and drip irrigation

Drip irrigation system serves within the module. Water and fertilizers rises directly from the tank to the module. water pressure level is controlled by a tap.

SummerYear™ Climate control. Cooling and Ventilation

The desired temperature inside is regulated by the automatic control system of a refrigeration unit and fan. Temperature and humidity measurements are made automatically

DEW 10 nano™ Irrigation System

It allows you to water the plants in the automatic mode, according to the specified settings. The system DEW 10 NANO use special nozzles, holes the size of 10 nanometers (10 times thinner than a human hair) that allows you to create the effect of dew and adjust humidity inside AgroFarm.

INTELLIGENT EXPERT™ App Display Intelligent Control System
Agrofarm and growing process

In the application, you can select presets to grow 70 kinds of crops, manage all AgroFarm systems, keep a diary, see the current settings, learn and communicate with other users of AgroFarm worldwide. This application also has an online store where you can buy all the necessary supplies and related products: fertilizers, seeds, seedlings, and others. The aluminum panel includes multifunction display panel with the current data.


Terra Organic™ Complex organic and mineral fertilizers

The complex is developed on the basis of vermicompost: organic fertilizer, a product of processing by earthworms and microorganisms, natural minerals.

SMART GLASS™ Electronic toning using smart glass

It mutes the light from the lamps during daytime photosynthesis. The degree of tinting of glass is regulated by the tablet. If you wish to look at the condition of the plants in AgroFarm, you can just press the button in the app on the tablet and off shading.

Manufacturer's Warranty 2.5 years