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About us

Fibonacci – is a crew of professional engineers, technologists and agronomists, who are truly devoted to researches and know their work very well.

We invented unique home device for groundless plants growing right inside of your house or restaurant

Our purpose is to offer everyone who desires to grow healthy vegetables, greens and berries the opportunity to enjoy its pure and juicy taste

It is important for us, that you are not only getting quality products, but also save money and have fun doing things you love


IV thousand years BC

Ancient Aztecs learnt how to grow reed, vegetables and flowers in water environment.

VII–VI centuries BC

Hanging gardens of Semiramis – one of the Seven Wonders of the World – another one famous example of applying aquaculture.

XVII century AD

Francis Bacon and other scientist initiated researches in groundless methods of farming.

XX century AD

There was intensive development of aquaculture methods due to new technologies of hothouse plant growing. Professor D.N. Pryanishnikoff and K.A. Timiryazev were the founders of Russian hydroponics branch.

Principles of work

Before first launching of the system, needed for growth mineral substances are added to water.

Enriched with nutritious substances water is circulating through device and providing roots with minerals using special system of drop watering.

Depending on current stage - growth, blossoming, fructification a particular composition of nutrient substances, dissolved in water, is applied.

A home agrofarm kit includes everything required for plants growing: fertilizers, special light lamps with required spectra.

Dear friends! Apparently, health and wellbeing of our families
and relatives are the main values for everybody. Guarantee of excellent health is a soul
harmony and balanced adequate diet, which consists in 80% of fresh
natural vegetables and fruits, enriched of vitamins and antioxidants that
reinforce immune system and prolonging life terms.

Senior Agronomist
Jeff Mathis


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